Published On: Tue, Apr 18th, 2017

From the Press: The most controversial vote in Turkey in years (Murat Yetkin, Guest writer)

Turkey's Referendum for constitution amendment

Turkey has been going through some tough times recently. The most recent referendum for amendments in constitution has caused big reaction due to mishandling by the Supreme Election Board and many experts say this fact may have influenced results in a negative manner. Murat Yetkin is an expert journalist on Turkish Politics and relations abroad. In below article he explains why the referendum  could be considered as “the most controversial vote in Turkey” in years. Thee article is certainly worth reading to have a healthy picture about how the situation looks in the country and in the eyes of the western allies of Turkey.


A relative of mine was an observer of a vote count at an Istanbul ballot box for the April 16 referendum on whether to shift Turkey from a parliamentary system to an executive presidential one. As she later told me, the count resulted in 275 “No” and 84 “Yes” votes.

One of the ballot box observers was reading the votes and another one was writing it down, according to the rules. The man declared the “No” votes at the ballot box as 175 and my relative managed to catch the mistake before the other man writing the result down. “I think that is 275, not 175,” she said. The two men looked at each other, and when she suspected they might try to ignore her comment, she insisted: “Perhaps you misread it, please check again.” The man did not even bother to have a second look at the draft paper and just said “OK” with a cursed look at my relative, ultimately registering the vote correctly as 275 on the report sheet…

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