Published On: Sun, Jun 10th, 2018

G7 summit hosted by Canada results in disappointment between Trump and members

G7 summit hosted by Canada results in disappointment between Trump and members

Trump & Merkel, G7 meeting in Canada


The G7 summit which was hosted by Canada ended with strong disagreements between the US and other members. Despite this negative situation it was announced that parties had agreed on “a common statement on trade”. Opinion leaders comment that concerned efforts were important but not sufficient to bring a solution to major problems, which is a good enough reason to plan to continue negotiations in the coming days.

Commenting on the meeting, German Chancellor Angela Merkel drew attention to “the continuing differences of opinion between the United States and other countries” but also mentioned that G7 leaders could achieve a state of consensus on important issues in trade”.

Donald Tusk, President of the European Union Council who attended the G7 summit said he was concerned about the challenge of USA against rule-based international scheme and added “It is apparent that “Trump and rest of the G7 cannot agree on issues such as trade, climate change and Iran Nuclear negotiations. This challenge is surprisingly practiced by the US, the main architect of the concept. However, despite all the differences, the issues that unite us are more than the differences.”

On the other hand, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said, “We do not want to negotiate under a threat, regarding the dispute between the EU and the US on customs duties on steel and aluminum. We asked for permanent exemption from taxes, but Trump made a different decision.

Trump said before leaving the summit “There was no dispute, relations are good. If other countries treat the USA fairly, I would prefer a world without customs duties.

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