Published On: Sun, Jan 29th, 2012

Garanti Bank.. World’s 53rd most valuable bank ..

GARANTI_BANKGaranti Bank is Turkey’s top lender, most profitable and world’s 53rd most valuable bank.

It has around 400 products, more than 17,000 employees, 808 domestic branches and nearly 3,000 ATMs.

Garanti is Turkey’s second largest private bank in terms of its asset size.

The bank has increased its asset size, loans and deposits by three fold in the last 5 years.

Its asset size is TL 118.7 billion. Garanti has a credit size of TL 76 billion and a deposit size of 72.7 billion.

Constituting around 14 percent of asset and credit size of Turkish banking sector, the bank has a share of nearly 13 percent in deposits. 

Garanti bank constitutes around 21 percent of market values of banks in Istanbul Stock Exchange’s banking index with its more than US$ 22 billion.

The bank has 5 branches abroad with itrs subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Romania and Russia

The bank was the first to introduce first multi brand and chip credit card to Turkey . Garanti has one of the the best retail  internet banking systems in Turkey. The bank attributes great importance to call center services.

It has been rewarded “Turkey’s best bank” prize for the tenth time by Euromoney.



compiled by editor, BTT.. 2012

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