Published On: Tue, Aug 15th, 2017

German Foreign Minister says economic pressure on Turkey works

German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel commented on the tension between Berlin and Ankara and said “economic pressure” on Turkey was working. This expression was obviously a reference to some measures taken by Germany against Turkey a short while ago in retaliation to imprisonment of German citizens in Turkey. As will be recalled, the German Foreign Ministry had warned its citizens about travelling to Turkey as well as German companies about investing in this country on July 20th, following detention of human rights activist Peter Steudtner. In addition to this incident German-Turkish journalist Deniz Yücel was also arrested in February for contributing terrorist offenses between Berlin and Ankara.

Supporting tougher stances against Turkey, Gabriel said that Berlin had to protect its citizens and it would not allow German citizens to be imprisoned, in Turkey. He said “We must protect our citizens. We simply cannot allow Turkish President Erdogan to imprison German citizens.

Gabriel also referred to the issue that Turkey had submitted to Berlin a list of companies covering suspected companies with links to last year’s coup attempt which had led to discussions in Germany.

About this issue the minister said; “We responded and warned German companies about investing in Turkey and what happened was a widespread debate took place in the Turkish society, then Erdogan declared that the company list problem was the result of a single misunderstanding.”

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