Published On: Tue, Apr 3rd, 2018

Global fund managers warn Turkey is exposed to geopolitical and political risks

Global fund managers warn Turkey exposed to geopolitical and political risks

Is Turkish Economy fragile? –

In a survey conducted conducted by Bloomberg with major global financial institutions such as Deutsche Bank an optimistic perception was observed regarding emerging markets. Turkey was also among the developing countries, which were considered to have  left behind a more active quarter compared to developed countries. Nevertheless, market players have warned Turkey regarding local politics and geopolitical risks, in their assessment of this country.

The majority of the experts participating in the survey voiced the opinion that due to its domestic politics Turkey was seen as the most fragile, among countries in question while only a few assessed the concerned risk for Turkey, as “moderate”.

The majority of respondents pointed out that Turkey is also vulnerable to global geopolitical risks. Accordingly, the majority of the participants foresee that global geopolitical risks could have a high impact on Turkey. Participants also believe Fed, the US economy and inflation outlook will have a powerful effect on Turkey.

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