Published On: Fri, Oct 26th, 2018

Historical Stratonikeia in Mugla, known as “city of gladiators & love” welcomes visitors

Turkey is truly a natural treasure-trove of historic monuments. This is certainly due to the fact that great civilizations such as East Roman Empire and Ottoman Empire – and many more before that – have been established in this land and in Anatolia mainly, throughout history. Among the historical ruins found until today the antic city of STRATONIKEIA in Muğla, Turkey has a special place.

Stratonikeia, known as the city of immortal loves and gladiators, is located within the borders of Eskihisar Village, 7 km west of Yatagan District of Mugla Province. From the Late Bronze Age to the present day, the city has been a place of uninterrupted settlement. In the first quarter of the 3rd century, Seleucid King I. Antiochus named the city was after his wife Stratonike. The city changed hands among Seleucid, Ptolemy, Macedonians, Rhodes and Rome during the Hellenistic Period and came under the control of Rome completely in 130 B.C.

After the conquest of Anatolia by Turks, the city lived under Turkish sovereignty and settlements in this place continued during the period of principalities and Ottoman Empire. There are still a few families living in the historical village houses, In the Eskihisar village, which moved to the new settlement area after the earthquake in 1957

Stratonikeia historical city is one of the rare places where one can find structures and urban fabric samples from Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and the Ottoman eras together, at one place.

 Stratonikeia is also one of the largest marble-built cities in the world as it covers an area of 7 km and is built in a system called Hippodamic plan with intersecting streets parallel to each other.

Besides the monumental buildings such as the gymnasium, bouleuterion, theater, bath, city gate and fountain belonging to the ancient period, the city also has important examples from Turkish architecture such as village square, baths, Şaban Ağa Mosque, Ottoman Fountain, houses belonging to elite citizens which one will enjoy visiting together with beautiful natural environment.


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