Published On: Sun, Oct 22nd, 2017

HMS Makina, a high technology Turkish company supplying aviation industry giants

HMS Makina, a high technology Turkish company supplying aviation industry giants

According to figures provided by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TEA), the number of hi-tech companies has increased in Turkey which has set a target to pull the average export value per kg up to EU standards. This figure was recorded at USD 1.39 in the first half of 2017.

Among such companies HMS MAKINA (Machinery) which produces parts for Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier aircraft, has succeeded to increase the average export value of its products (average value/price per kilogram) to USD 500.

HMS MAKINA which was founded in Izmir to produce parts for civil and military aircraft projects moved to Manisa 2 years ago. The company currently produces parts that can be directly installed to airplanes.

The company which started to deliver parts to companies such as Airbus A 380, A 350 and A 400 M transport aircraft, as well as Bombardier which produces luxury jets, doubled its exports to reach US$ 17 million, over a year. The company can do a lot of structural parts from toilet locks to flight control computers, in the sector which they entered by making small parts on the aircraft doors. Today the company is among very few producers that make aircraft components with high added value that can be fitted directly to the aircraft.

On the other hand, It is a known fact that the cost of a finished aircraft in the aviation sector is US$ 2,000 per kilogram, much of which is software and design. Also the cost per kilogram of high technology components is known to be over US$ 500. Today, the company is in possession of direct supplier status and can ship products with 2-3 times higher prices per piece. In other words the export price of the company is over USD 500 per kilogram. As far as some items are concerned this value reaches USD 2,000.

The company receives a large number of requests from aviation companies but the management prefers to grow gradually to avoid mistakes in this sensitive area.


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