Published On: Sun, Sep 3rd, 2017

Hydrogen bomb test by North Korea shakes the world

North Korea undertook hyrdogen bomb test

It is reported that the cause of the earth quake that occurred in the region where North Korea‘s realized its nuclear missile experiments was not natural and it was likely due to a hydrogen bomb test undertaken by North Korea in said region.

Reports say the test was widely felt in north-east China and rocked some cities for up to eight seconds and felt even in the city of Changchun, about  400km north-west of North Korea’s test site at Punggye-ri. Some other sources say the earthquake was felt on a wide field from China in the north of North Korea to the capital of South Korea in South Korea. Eight minutes after the main earthquake, an aftershock was recorded at a magnitude of 4.6.

Several hours before the earthquake, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was pictured with a new hydrogen bomb. At that time, North Korea was expected to perform a long-range missile test in the same region. Regarding the issue, North Korea made a statement announcing the nuclear test had been realized successfully.

Japan’s Foreign Minister explained that North Korea had done the sixth nuclear test. Toro Kono said “information from North Korea and other studies confirm that a new nuclear trial was made.” Comenting that the earthquake had been caused by North Korea due to the sixth nuclear test realized underground by North Korea since 2006, Japan began to conduct airborne radiation tests by flying at least three combat jets.

The magnitude of the earthquake shows that the hydrogen bomb made by North Korea is the most powerful weapon this country has made until today. North Korea claims that this bomb could reach even the US territory with a ballistic missile.

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump was reported to have addressed the “growing North Korean threat” on a phone call to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Regarding the phone exchange of Trump and Abe, the White House made a written statement saying, “the leaders of USA and Japan agreed on the idea of ​​maximizing the pressure on North Korea.

It was also noted that Trump emphasized the importance of the close relationship of the three countries in line with the UN criteria, against the North Korean threat, in said conversation.


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