Published On: Mon, Apr 2nd, 2018

If it weren’t for Russia Turkey could not even fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria

If it weren’t for Russia Turkey could not fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria

Turkish Jet Fighters, Syria –

“If it weren’t for Russia Turkey could not even fly an unmanned aerial vehicle in Syria”. This expression was used by one of the top consultants (Mr. Ilnur CEVIK) to Turkey’s President in an interview on TV. Before Turkey started its military operations some months ago, the situation of relations between Russia and Turkey were real bad and Ankara did not dare to undertake any air operations to control the area and its rivals (PYD) in the region. The reason was simply because almighty Russian leader Putin had been badly irritated due to downing of Russian jet fighter in Syria, by Turkey.

Seen from Turkey’s point of view it may sound real saddening but Turkey did not dare to fly a single war plane in the territory upon the “serious” threat from Putin that “any Turkish warplane to fly in the region would be downed without any notice etc.” Turkey did take this warning seriously and abided by the rule dictated by the Russian leader.

It was only after Turkey managed to mend its relations with Russia (apologizing for the unlucky event etc.) that Ankara was “allowed” (literally) to fly its planes over Syria again which gave way to operations of the Turkish Armed Forces in Syria such as Euphrates Shield accomplished in 2017 and Olive Branch to Afrin, started in 2018 and still continuing. As for Turkey’s excuses to undertake such important operation (also very critical in regards to the peace in the region), Ankara has a point that the Kurdish administrative formation in northern Syria has started to impose a threat because it is known to have been closely linked to the PKK terror organization – a headache for Ankara for decades. The administration has clearly declared that it would not allow such a formation next to its Syrian border and eventually had to take the matter into its own hands.

In an interview on TV, a chief advisor to Turkey’s President has clearly expressed “If Russia had not opened the airspace, Turkey couldn’t have even flown an unmanned aerial vehicle in the region” (leave alone warplanes). As the saying goes “The truth hurts” but what the advisor stated is the reality and makes one think “What is the actual capability of Turkey, which claims it has a BIG WORD TO SAY in the region, when it cannot fly a single plane without Putin’s permit”. A question we could have to answer in the near future (hopefully not) if the worst scenario (i.e. a confrontation between Turkey and the 2 superpowers) happens to come true in the region. – not to forget a likely threat  from Israel, either.

The bottom line is although Turkey has so far used its military power wisely (we believe) the next steps regarding Manbij and other spots on the way to Iraqi border should be very carefully considered to avoid a much bigger and harmful confrontation with concerned parties. It goes without saying the damage would not be limited to many lives to be lost in the region but also major problems in the area of politics and economy would follow.

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