Published On: Sun, Jun 23rd, 2019

IMAMOGLU wins Istanbul mayoral elections with a difference of over 800,000 votes

After a long rally and a lot of effort put into the process EKREM IMAMOGLU, the opposition candidate has won the mayoral elections with an unbelivable difference of about 800 thousand votes (54-46 percent).

Despite some major unfair challenge from the leading party IMAMOGLU showed an unbelievable performance and deserved this great success.

The people of Istanbul now expect some very valuable service to contribute to the welfare of citizens.

The new mayor of Istanbul has promised that he will cut down on unnecessary spendings and use these funds for the welfare of the people of Istanbul.

The question is “Could this be the beginning of a rising star and new era in Turkey’s politics”.  Well, there is no reason citizens should not have hopes in regards.

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