Published On: Thu, Apr 25th, 2019

Important developments in Turkey’s politics expected after March 31 election results

As known, Turkey’s administration has been dealing with very serious problems both inside and outside the country for quite a long time. The ruling AK Party has not managed to avoid some current problems due to some bad preferences regarding administration of economy in the first place and some other wrong steps, taken regarding several other topics. In fact, the dissatisfaction with the citizens was observed in the last local elections in a strong manner.

After decline in votes of ruling AK Party and loss of major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Adana and Mersin in local elections on March 31, allegations about the formation of new parties in Turkey’s politics have increased.

It is stated that one of these new parties will be founded by former Prime Minister DAVUTOGLU and the other by ABDULLAH GUL, former president of Turkey and ALI BABACAN, former finance minister, all valid members of the ruling AK Party.

Speculations are made that Ali Babacan who is said to be together with Abdullah GUL, announced to investors in London that they would establish the party by the end of the year.  Based on circulated rumors, it is understood that this information has also been confirmed by some members of the business community.

It is also voiced that the new initiative by GUL and BABACAN, supported by a group of businessmen in Istanbul, will be intensified in the coming days. It is emphasized that contact with the groups formed in the provinces is being carried out and the contact with many cities is being carried out by GUL, personally.

On the other hand there are also speculations that some US diplomats have increased their activities after the local elections on March 31 and they are all over the place trying to manage the new situation in Turkey. It is also voiced that they share their activities with those expected to establish said new party (meaning they support the new initiative).

Looking at the current picture, Davutoglu and Gul-Babacan are observed to be moving separately, but at the final stage a union is seen very likely. Based on the evaluation of a former AK Party MP who is in contact with both groups although two groups have been conducting activities separately, they would have to unite at the last stage – as also preferred by the USA that is supposed to be supporting such new movements.

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