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Interview with a “plastic kitchenware/household items” producer


Interview with a “plastic kitchenware/household items” producer in Turkey

Turkey has plenty of export items which contribute to the revenues of the country.

Among those, we can mention exportation of plastic products to include household items and kitchenware which was not feasible until a decade ago.

Today however, Turkish companies in the sector have found fertile markets and established successful and profitable business relations with foreign buyers.

Ucsan Plastik is among such companies and we would like to publish herewith an interview we have made with Mr. Bülent ÖZBEK (Global Marketing Director) about yesterday, today and the future of the sector in Turkey as well as global markets.

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How long have you been in the sector? Could you tell us a little about your company?

BÖ – UCSAN PLASTIK (and Mould Industry and Trading) Ltd Company was established by our fathers in 1973. In the following years our company started producing plastic kitchenware items and pots as well as moulds. Today after almost four decades we have a product range of 350 different items.

What sort of items do you produce? What is the annual capacity of your facility?

BÖ – We produce plastic kitchenware, houselhold items and flower pots. The whole production process to include special moulds is realized by our expert personnel at our facility in  Silivri, with 11,000 sqm of indoor area. We have modernized our production equipment and machinery to accomplish a more  efficient and economical production after which we have reached a capacity of 200 tons monthly.

What is it that makes your products different than competitors? Has any of your products been given an award so far?

BÖ – The most important features that make our products different to  competitors are quality, strength and durability. Furthermore, we do not fail to pay attention to customer needs, preferences and most important health and thus always use raw materials and dyes compatible with human health. Consequently when you supply good quality for reasonable prices you become a brand in request, both locally and abroad.

Which fairs and exhibitions do you display your products at? Do you have any favorite products you would like to promote in particular, this year? Which of your products should your customers preferably buy?

BÖ – We regularly attend global shows. This year we have participated in Ambiente-Frankfurt, Hong Kong Houseware Fair and  International Housware Show in Chicago. Moreover we have events such as Houseware &Gift Fair Sao Paulo – Brazis and Züchex fair in our agenda in the coming months.

Recently, our most popular product has been Salad Spinner /Vegetable Washer. This makes life easy washing vegetables and provides practical and functional usage. One would be able to enjoy a much better taste of sauces on salads thanks to this product.

Which markets do you supply to?

BÖ – One can find our products in retail stores that sell kitchenware and household items and shops of many supermarket groups both locally and abroad. We have regular exports to a total of 65 destinations to include Europe, Africa, Central Asia and Middle East, Far East, Australia, North America and South America.

What are your targets for 2012? What progress have you achived as compared to the previous year and what are you goals for the next 5 years?

BÖ – We presume that it will not be easy to accomplish our immediate targets due to the negative political and social developments observed in  North African countries and Middle East in specific. We hope such negativities will not have an impact on 2012 and so that we can realize our plans to increase our export sales by a minimum of 20 percent. Moreover it is within our close future plans to enter fast developing markets with crowded populations such as India and China.

How do you relate to trends in fashion at prominent global fairs?

BÖ – As we participate or attend local and foreign exhibitions we try to follow latest trends and look for ways to adapt popular colors, forms, sizes etc into our products. 20.03.2012
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