Published On: Tue, Nov 20th, 2012

Is YANDEX giving GOOGLE the SHIVERS in the Turkish market?

Russia based search engine company Yandex is taking swift steps in Turkey to enlargen its market share in a challenge with Google.

In this context, Yandex has put into effect new projects to gain millions of new visitors on the net.

Based on these projects, Russsian search engine company has started new services for giant football clubs like Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe such as official search engines for said clubs where fans are tempted to use Yandex for their queries on the net as well as other services they would be in need of.

Yandex Turkey CEO Mr. Yalcındag has mentioned Yandex which corresponds to the Word internet in Russia is determined to gain a substantial share in the Turkish market as well. He has also stated the joint projects with football giants are only a small part of what the search engine is planning to do to achieve its targets in its competition with World giant Google which has 95 percent of the Turkish market currently.

Mr. Yalçındağ has also mentioned Yandex is to bring its own browser to Turkey very soon to supporet its unique products already available.

It is a fact that challenging GOOGLE seems to be like inhabitants of Lilliput challenging Gulliver as the situation looks now. However, Yandex has a great advantage of possessing the Russian market and seems to be coming very energetic, dynamic and flexible. Once Yandex starts offering services similar to Adsense and Adwords it could be a competitior to give Google the shivers.


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