Published On: Tue, Nov 26th, 2019

Istanbul mayor Imamoglu says the doors of state banks are closed to IMM

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem IMAMOGLU has said Turkey’s state-owned banks are not lending money to IMM. The mayor said in his statement, “Unfortunately, the doors of state-owned banks are closed to us.

He explained as follows:Said banks where the IMM also conducts all of its monetary transactions and pays salaries etc. have the highest potential. I condemn the executives who have been showing this attitude and behavior. I’ve been patient for five months, but this time I am condemning them. On the other hand, positive feedback from private banks is very high, I am glad they are here to serve”.

IMAMOGLU said they would start the Sultanbeyli-Çekmeköy subway project on hold for 2 years thanks to 110 million euros loan obtained from the Deutsche Bank

The mayor stressed the doors were closed to IMM by state-owned banks in Turkey adding “You know the state banks that are currently run by state. These are very important banks which our municipality uses for the majority of monetary transactions. Shortly after the elections, these banks did not allow us to use some of the loans that we routinely used to meet our daily needs. We had to follow another route and went to some private banks and even some foreign banks to use the borrowing authorization granted to us by the assembly”.

He went on to say, “We often meet with 11 mayors of CHP and we observe that this application does not only apply to us but also other CHP municipalities. In other words, the same attitude and behavior exists regarding those municipalities. This is saddening”.

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