Published On: Fri, Feb 9th, 2018

Istanbul Stock Market BIST 100 index provided highest revenues in January 2018

It is really interesting to observe that despite a regional conflict and military operation Turkey is currently involved in, the economy environment in the country does not seem to be very much disturbed. Accordingly the Stock Market continues to be the most profitable alternative for investors.

To verify above statement, it was reported that investors on Istanbul Stock Market (BIST 100 index) had enjoyed highest profits in January 2018. In said period the index yielded 5.63 percent with Yİ-UFE and 5.60 percent with TÜFE.

The BIST 100 index, which completed last year with an increase of 47.60 percent, made its investor happy in the first month of 2018, as well. According to financial investment instruments statistics provided by TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) BIST 100 provided highest return in January 2018.

The yield in BIST 100 was 5.63 percent when it was reduced by the domestic producer price index (Yİ-UFE) and 5.60 percent, reduced by the consumer price index (TÜFE).

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