Published On: Mon, Jul 17th, 2017

Istanbul Stock Market renews its closing record after seeing all-time peak

The BIST 100 index finished the day with an increase of 0.99 percent at 106,177 points which is a new closing record, after having seen all-time peak of 106,402.15 points during the day.

The BIST 100 index which made a positive start for the day due to the increased risk appetite in global markets, continued its buying-weighted course after the announced employment data for April and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey’s (CBRT) July expectation survey.

The BIST 100 index increased by 1,041.27 points compared to the previous close, while the total transaction volume was realized at 4.7 billion pounds. The banking index increased by 0.98 percent and the holding index rose by 1.48 percent. Among various sector indexes, the largest gain was in securities investment partnership with 2.94 percent, and the biggest decline was in electricity with 0.09 percent.

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