Published On: Fri, Jul 8th, 2016

Izmir.. The city of a magnificent history, blue sea, delicious cuisine and freedom

When someone refers to Turkey country, Istanbul is often the first name to recall simply because it is a mega town, one of the biggest in Europe and a former capital to some of the most powerful empires such as East Roman and Byzantium empires as well as the almighty Ottoman Empire, in history. The city on top of its historical assets also has a giant industry and trade capacity. Thus it is no wonder most people in the world have heard of Istanbul as the magical metropolis linking Europe to Asia.

However, there are other places in Turkey that deserve the same kind of attention and appraisal such as SYMIRNA which is called IZMIR today.

Izmir on the Aegean coast of Turkey is the 3rd largest city in the country.  It is known as the pearl of the Aegean with its 8.500 year history, fertile land, favorable climate, 629 km coastline, beautiful sunny weather, blue-flag beaches, cultural activities and educated modern citizens.

Izmir has a population of approximately 4 million with half under the age of 5 which turns out to be a great advantage making the city full of life. In fact there are many universities in the town where tens of thousands of students are educated to serve the country as scientists, artists, business people and academics etc.

As for economy Izmir is very suitable for agrıcultural production (such as olives, figs, grapes, cotton etc..) and also hosts many industrial plants creating substantial employment. On the other hand Izmir is full of life where one can socialize, share a lot with friends and visit holiday resorts in the territory as well as nice restaurants offering various sea food, wines and specialties from a delicious cuisine.. Izmir is surely a very attractive city for gourmets.

To recap, Izmir is a city of “a magnificent history, blue sea, delicious cuisine, freedom” and therefore a destination of a happy vacation..

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