Published On: Mon, Feb 20th, 2012

Kale Kilit .. Producing door locks for the world

KALE_KILITKale Kilit exporting to over 1oo countries, aims to become one of the 10 largest  lock manufacturers in the World within the next few years.

The company currents exports to over 100 countries including Netherlands, China, Ukraine, Romania, Algeria, Iran, Kazakhstan and many more.

The products of the company are most preferred in markets such as Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, North Africa, Russia, Bulgaria and the Balkan countries. Kale Kilit which realizes an integrated production in an indoor area of 35,000 square meters is the largest producer in Turkey with a local market share of 70 percent.

KALE whose products are used in many hotels, military and public establishments on top of many residential units has a total annual production of over 22 million locks and cylinders. There are over 20 countries that Kale Kilit exports to in excess of million dollars each.

The company is recently developing projects on electronic locks and also expanding its expertise to include access control systems with a research and development team of 40 people.

Kale Kilit products are being utilised in many different locations and in different dimensions worldwide. Its supplies products for many renovation projects in Middle East, Russia and former Soviet republics as well as Iran and Iraq as part of the worldwide restructuring trend following 1990.

Kale Kilit offers flexibility in production to meet the requirements for different needs and usage habits in different countries and geographies around the world. This has certainly made it a well sought lock brand globally.

The world’s security products market where tens of thousands of companies ranging from secure money transfer to closed circuit TV system establishments operate is estimated to be around US$ 300 billion in value. China alone produces some  3 billion units annually.

The target of the company is to take its place among top 10 producers in the world within a couple of years.

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