Published On: Sun, Jan 8th, 2012

Kanca.. Producer and exporter of forging parts for world’s most prestigous automobiles

Kanca providing forging parts to prestigous automobiles of Audi, Porsche and Bentley, is exporting to 26 countries including especially Germany followed by the US, Canada, France, Sweden, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Egypt and Algeria.

The company exports 60 percent of its auto products and 80 percent of its hand tools.

KANCA_FACTORYHaving entered the top 500 ranking of Turkish Exporters Assembly’s export champions as 446th company, Kanca has targeted North African countries.

Kanca is in partnership with global automotive giants not only concerning supply of forging parts but also engineering and design.

Precision parts closely associated with vehicle’s performance and low fuel consumption, such as rod, crankshaft, diesel ray, diesel pump, nozzle holder as well as high safety components like swinging arms, axles, hubs manufactured by Kanca are preferred by world’s leading motor vehicle manufacturers.

Kanca has also been granted “A Group Manufacturer” title after passing audits by companies like Fiat, Renault, Ford, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Europe’s number 1 in vices

Automotive forging parts constitute 85 percent of Kanca’s production and hand tools account for 15 percent. Kanca exporting 50 percent of its production, has increased its annual production capacity in steel forging to 24,000 tons in its new facilities.

The company, Europe’s number one in  vices has 5 different registered brands.

Kanca having one of the first hand tool factories in Turkey, has 80 percent of its turnover from abroad. Half of this 80 percent belongs to Germany alone.

Kanca products were copied by some of Chinese and Indian vice manufacturers and this way they try to get a foothold in the European market. The forging market is estimated to be over 3.5 million tons in Europe and 20 million tons in the world. Kanca’s capacity is 20.000 tons.

The company’s goal for the comimg years is to increase its market share in European forged automotive parts market and continue its market leadership in Europe in forged vices constituting 20 percent of the turnover.

Kanca’s Fortissimo, Primo, K2 and Kadet brands are now among products that European professionals use approvingly.

Kanca spending 2-3 million euros annually on R&D is one of rare companies that can design parts together with the key industry.

The company has a fully automated forging plant and laboratories that can perform all mechanic and metallurgical tests to ensure quality.


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