Published On: Sun, Nov 27th, 2011

Logitrans logistics fair to be held in Istanbul on 8-10th December 2011

LOGITRANSIt is has been observed for a while now that Turkey is one of the fastest developing economies in the world.

Accordingly, Turkey has much more to say in the global logistics sector today.

Within this framework one of the most reputable fair companies of Turkey is scheduled to organize an important exhibition in the logistics sector in Turkey between 8-10th December 2011.

The same event was held in 2010 – with considerable success obviously – where 112 companies representing 213 brands attended the event and 8,9 percent of the exhibitors were international. With more than 8,000 visits, 6 percent of which were by international visitors, logitrans was referred to as “having created a good enough satisfaction” for its exhibitors.

In 2011 however, the organizing company expects to have more than 10 percent of the total visitors and 50 percent of exhibitors at international level.

BTT interviewed Mr. Bülent ÇENGELLİ, a top executive of EKSPER RAIL TRANSPORTATION Co who provided us with an overall evaluation of the event as follows;

“Turkey is at the right place and time to lead such major international events now. Turkey has been using its advantage of being the bridge between the East and the West (Asia & Europe) and indeed the Islam and the western world.

Our government has been showing a remarkable performance to promote our country on the int’l arena via visits, conferences etc all over the world and without ignoring the amazing power of “modern communication facilities” such as TV, internet, press etc.

EKO Fair ltd company on the other hand has taken a very helpful step to contribute to such efforts by bringing together the most prominent companies in the transportation and logistics sector.

We as EKSPER Rail Transportation company are more than happy to be part of this positive effort to contribute to Turkey’s struggle in this very competitive world. We are excited with the idea of meeting new prospects who would be interested in our services which would really mean great benefit to them as rail transportation is a must to be considered by companies who would like to survive in our very challenging world of today.”


23 November 2011

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