Published On: Fri, Mar 30th, 2018

Macron gets into deep water by giving YPG guarantee for Manbij

Macron gets into deep water by giving YPG guarantee for Manbij

French President Macron & Turkish President Erdoğan –

It is amazing to see how politicians treat us like fools in endless situations. It goes without saying this applies to many (the majority) politicians as well. They decide (or mostly even manipulate) to implement a plan (very often against deserved rights and benefits of many groups or even nations sometimes) and make up excuses and explanations to base their planned scenarios on. We have seen hundreds of such unfair misconduct in history so far among which we can name US British partnership against Saddam in Iraq which literally destroyed the whole country and cost millions of innocent lives and the never ending chaos in Syria is no different, really. The reason (or the excuse rather) declared for the US (and allies) intervention in Iraq was that Saddam had nuclear weapons and he could use them any minute and the whole bullshit (excuse the language please but it fits in well). And after all the harm Iraq and innocent millions had to go through the highly respected US president Bush and most reputable British PM Blair had to confess they had been wrong and made a terrible mistake because Iraq did not have the nuclear bomb at all, at the time.

Now this is the kind of BULLSHITS (excuse again) the world is often ruled with and without much regret, long as it does not contradict US (and partners certainly) benefits. Now, a similar story has been put on stage in Syria for a long time and there is no doubt it is all about splitting up powerful states in the region into smaller tribe like regional administrations that the imperialist powers (we all know who) can use for their benefits and the welfare of Israel without any opposition. We all know this was a US plan officially announced/declared by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice at the time. It goes without saying the US has proved it has not quit its intentions to put the plan in practice and the effort to establish a Kurdish Regional Administration (to include a well-trained armed force) under American assistance, control and direction (rather) is an important part of the plan – The reason behind it is certainly “not because the US is very much worried about the rights of the Kurds and protection of lives of innocent people” and all. We know this and the whole world does. But still the administrations tend to take the whole world for a fool giving the bullshit “we are doing this to protect freedoms and liberty and democracy” etc. etc.

This being the situation, and when all parties concerned are very well aware the YPG (or whatever other names used in reference) is no doubt a continuation of the PKK terror organization that has given Turkey a terrible harm throughout several decades, the question is “how can they not see the effort/attempt to establish concerned Kurdish administration next to the Turkish border is a major threat for Turkey in terms of security of its territory and citizens” – not to forget the US would never miss the opportunity to use this regional force as “a sword of Damocles” to manipulate Turkey, in case of a future need.

The operation of Turkish Armed Forces in northern Syria “does” have to do with this situation and Turkey has powerfully announced that it will not tolerate this threat to grow any further. It has sought for alternatives/solutions to attend to this issue together with its allies (supposedly) without any success obviously after which it has decided to do its own job.

The bottom line is the President of the country has “strictly” declared that Turkey has absolutely no intentions of staying in the region and cannot wait to return home once it decides the southern border of the country is safe again.

Finally, Mr. Macron who is “reported” to have given YPG support guarantee in the region should also explain if he has given Turkey’s concerns a genuine thought, at all and what solid solution he would like to come up with to secure Turkey’s interests as well – not forgetting the unreliable policies adopted and put into practice by the US globally and words hardly ever kept. This might be a better solution than daring to confront Turkish Forces in said region, which we sure would not end up to his liking.

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