Published On: Sat, Jan 6th, 2018

Macron says France and Turkey will fight terrorism within framework of partnership

Macron says France and Turkey will fight terrorism within framework of partnership

French President Macron & Turkish President Erdoğan meet in Paris –

French President Emmanuel Macron and Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan held a press conference after their meeting in Paris. After the meeting Macron told journalists that there were a lot of challenges Turkey and France had to solve together. French President went on to say “We are fighting against PKK. And we are fighting against all kinds of terrorism to include ISIS and all terror groups. We will continue fighting against terrorism together. We will do this within the framework of partnership”.

Macron said the two had discussed the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant project. He also referred that an important area of ​​development in recent months had been food and agriculture and as a result of the intensive work of ministers of agriculture from both countries, they had made significant progress in regards. Indeed 5,700 tons of beef meat is to be exported from France to Turkey. Both countries aim to make progress on chicken meat, poultry and fruit issues as well.

Macron also stated that France wanted Israel and Palestine to find a solution for the protection of the borders of international law, in peace. He added he had been able to identify that there was a consensus between on many issues between two countries.

French President went on to say that it was important that Turkey stayed in European Convention on Human Rights adding it was time to pack up hypocrisy now.

On the other hand Macron referred to fundamental rights issue as well. He said “We also talked about fundamental rights. I want to be clear. I have great respect for difficulties Turkey has gone through. The fight against terrorism, the act of destabilizing destabilization etc… Making a comment on this issue is beyond me. However, we have a common vision of fighting terrorism. We are moving ahead together.

Macron went on as follows: “I also voiced cases about academicians, students, journalists and NGO members. I gave a list to Erdogan and we will continue to discuss this issue, so that we can solve everything we can solve. “

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