Published On: Wed, Jan 3rd, 2018

Macron says he will raise issue of imprisoned journalists in meeting with Erdoğan

Macron says he will raise issue of imprisoned journalists in meeting with Erdoğan

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Before President Erdogan’s visit to Paris on January 5th, French President Emmanuel Macron has made statements with high potential to irritate Ankara. Macron who met with members of the press on occasion of the new-year, commented that press freedom was the first freedom to be restricted or abolished by authoritarian regimes, showing Turkey and Russia as two examples. He added that despite this the dialogue with such countries should not be cut in order to achieve results.

Macron also said despite the current dialogue with this country, large number of journalists were imprisoned in Turkey and he would raise this issue in his meeting with Erdogan.

Macron stated that France should not refuse to remain in dialogue with regimes that do not share the same values ​​with regard to freedom of the press and added that press freedom was not a special freedom but it was the highest expression of freedom. He said that was why it was the type of freedom the authoritarian regimes wanted to restrict/terminate, first adding that was unacceptable.

Macron who showed Turkey and Russia as European countries that handled press freedom in a bad way said he had voiced this issue at the European Court of Human Rights. He added that despite dialogue there were a large number of detained journalists in Turkey, to include European subjects.

Macron stated he would bring the issue to the agenda in talks with Erdogan. He said “In talks with Turkey, I will continue to refer to the situation of detained journalists who are blocked from doing their duties. I will do this with respect, but with concern for protecting our values ​​and interests. “

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