Published On: Sat, Jan 28th, 2012

Mako Turkey, A Global Supplier of Electronic Parts for Vehicles

MAKO_HEAD_LIGHTTurkey has taken some giant steps in the automotive industry during the last decades.

Some of the leading brands in the world such as Ford, Fiat, Toyota, Renault and more have established their production and export bases for Europe and the Middle East in Turkey.

In fact Turkey has a very developed and efficient automive supply industry which produces for the most reputable automotive brands and exports all over the world.

Among the companies in this sector, MAKO is one of the pioneering establishments with a wide range of product portfolio and thousands of employees.

The company was established by KOÇ Holding (a prominent private sector group in Turkey)

together with Italian Magnetti Marelli in Bursa, in 1970. The objective of the company was to produce and supply state-of-the-art technologhy lighting and air conditioning devices for the world market and become a global leader in time.

To achieve its goals the company has committed to the principles of renovating itself consistently and upgrading the personal and professional qualities of its personnel through on-going education and training efforts.

Today, Mako is proud of having achieved its targets, and manufactures the lighting and air conditioning devices in its plant with an indoor area of 40,000 square meters and its electromechanical devices in its other plant with 16,000 square meters, both facilities to be in Organized Industrial Area in Bursa.

Mako supplies original parts to many prominent vehicle producers (in Turkey & in the World) with the Quality Assurance System formed in compliance with international standards (OHSAS 18001 – ISO / TS 196949 – ISO 14001)