Published On: Wed, Sep 20th, 2017

Akşener talks about her new party and prospects of running for presidency in 2019

Akşener talks about her new party and prospects of running for presidency in 2019

MERAL AKŞENER who has been continuing to work on her new party after she was expelled from the MHP (National Movement Party) participated in an interview program on TV and revealed important points. Akşener said “We are going to be over with establishment work of the party by October 15th. Establishing a political party is like establishing a business, with so many technical steps which we are trying to accomplish”.

Akşener said, “It is difficult for me not be able to give a specific date. We had difficulties trying to find a building for our head office. But we eventually found it, rented it, as everything is transparent, there is no problem for the renter (implying the pressure put on parties to extend any kind of support for the new party).

Akşener commented that the fight against FETÖ terror organization was not efficient enough and added in case she came to power no such groups would ever dare to get organized in the state, again.

Akşener also made following statements in the interview:

We have not actually identified the name of the new party, yet. An agency is working on the name. It seems it will be over, this week. I do not know the name either.

As for if she would run for presidency in 2019, Akşener replied as follows: My friends want me to run for presidency but what is in the heart of the nation is essential for me. We will look at this, of course. Let us wait until our party is established first and if the administration of our new party gives me this assignment, then it will be my duty to go ahead with it.

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