Published On: Mon, Nov 28th, 2016

Minister says Turkey optimistic about exchange rate which will fall after some time


Government spokesman Numan KURTULMUŞ said that after a certain period of time the dollar will fall. He also said “We have concrete plans to strengthen lira, and from time to time we declare them”.

Kurtulmuş “No one has the authority to say dollar will fall or climb up to this or that level at a certain time. The appreciation of the dollar does not originate from the internal structure of the Turkish economy. It is not because the economy shows structural weaknesses that the currency rates are fluctuating.

There is a turbulence due to likely changes in US global politics and differences in expectations about which direction the US economy will evolve following Trump’s triumph in the USA. That is why we are quite optimistic and I say it clearly after a certain period of time it will fall to a certain level.


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