Published On: Fri, Mar 2nd, 2018

Minister: Turkey targets to become biggest steel producer in Europe in near future

Minister: Turkey targets to become biggest steel producer in Europe in near future

Turkish Steel Industry –

Mr. Faruk OZLU, Turkey’s Industry && Technology Minister has stated that Turkey aims to become be the biggest steel producer in Europe in the near future and the country has to take multiple measures to achieve said target. The Minister who addressed the audience at the “Turkey Steel Industry Summit” organized within the scope of High Technology Industry in Transition Program stated that they had held the Machinery Sector Summit in Izmir on February 15.

Mr. OZLU pointed out that steel industry  was one of the most important headings of this program and added following:  “The transition to high technology in the industry is crucial and necessary for the future of our country because all sectors are fueled in the orbit of high technology. In a world where production, industry and marketing have changed shape we have to work fast, flexible and harmoniously with all our sectors. Our steel sector is no doubt the strategic sector that will lead and inspire all our other sectors. Steel sector is strategic in the sense it provides input for all other sectors. There are iron and steel sectors at the heart of all industrial revolutions, all industrial movements and today’s European Union. Per capita consumption of steel sector products, which are among the basic indicators of industrialization, is also among the indicators determining the development levels of countries.

Mr. OZLU emphasized that steel industry was vital for realizing the sectoral policy objectives of the country and emphasized that Turkey needed to become a country using high added value technology and a country with a strong voice in the world and respect for the environment.

The Minister also noted that Turkey ranked second in Europe in steel production and eighth in the world according to the data recorded in 2017. The Minister went on to say that Turkey’s main goal was to become the largest steel producer in Europe in the near future.

He also stated that the Middle East was the biggest steel producer and shared following information:

“We have to take various measures to achieve our goal to become number one in Europe. Our iron and steel sector provided direct jobs for 45 thousand people in 2017 and exported 18.3 million tons of steel products bringing in USD 13.4 billion which corresponds to 9% of our total exports, which is a net exporter by 2017. The sector produced 37.5 million tons of liquid steel in 2017, achieving a capacity utilization rate of 73 percent. We imported approximately 11 million tons of iron ore and 20 million tons of scrap for this production. “

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