Published On: Mon, Jan 6th, 2020

New museums to be opened in Istanbul will contribute to Turkey’s tourism

The Ministry of culture and Tourism has pressed the button for the world’s largest airport Museum. A 1000 square meter museum is being built in the new airport exterior terminal. It is reported that original special works will be brought from different museums of Turkey to be exhibited here with the concept of “Treasures of Anatolia” which will consequently contribute to the promotion of the country.

It is known that there are already museums in airports in some cities around the world such as San Francisco, Amsterdam, Athens and Cairo. In Istanbul airport where the transfer of 50 million passengers is in question currently and prospects of rising to 90 million in the future, the ministry has started a project to open a museum with a 1000 square meter area. The planned museum will be the largest among all airport museums.

The protocol on the construction of the museum was signed between the IGA which built the Istanbul airport and holds the right to operate it for 25 years and the Ministry of Culture and tourism. In said museum, unique artifacts from various parts of Anatolia will be brought together. More than 200 artifacts are expected to be exhibited in the museum, which will be affiliated with the Istanbul Archaeological Museum. It is reported that the opening of the museum is scheduled for May 29.

The new museum which will be introduced under the name of Istanbul Airport Museum will display a new concept each year. There will also be sections for children in the museum, where the works presented by Anatolian Civilizations from the prehistoric period will be presented as heritage to World Cultural History. While the originals of the vast majority of artifacts will be brought to the museum, replicas will be made for some of the works, difficult to transport. The museum will also have a section dedicated to promotion of 18 artifacts included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites.

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