Published On: Mon, Sep 4th, 2017

North Korea tension heats up the US dollar/Turkish Lira rate

North Korea hydrogen bomb affects dollar rates

Dollar / TL is fluctuating over 3,43 in international markets on September 4, when the market is closed due to the holiday of Sacrifice Holiday in the country. The dollar/US $ rate fell below the lowest level of the year to 3.4175, after non-farm employment data in the USA was reported on Friday and then stabilized above 3.42, finishing the week at 3.4201.

After North Korea’s “hydrogen bomb” test tested yesterday, the Dollar/ L rate which started the day at 3.4258 with a 0.16 percent rise,went up to3.4395. Dollar/TL was trading at the level of 3.4390 at the time this report was published.

Experts say that after the test of the “hydrogen bomb” of North Korea, the stock market became sales oriented, together with decreasing risk appetite in the global markets and the dollar appreciated against the developing country currencies.

Experts say geopolitical developments as well as the August domestic inflation data to be announced tomorrow should be followed.

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