Published On: Sat, Dec 23rd, 2017

Noteworthy comments from AKSENER, leader of newly established İYİ (good) PARTY

AKŞENER, İyi Party leader delivers speech in Sivas Turkey

İYİ Party (Good Party) leader Ms. MERAL AKŞENER said the economy was not going well and Turkey in which young people could not find work definitely needed to change adding A Turkey like this was unsustainable. AKSENER also said İYİ Party did not have an election threshold issue and they would come to power in the first elections to be held adding the ruling party was in fear. AKSENER commented that the presidential elections would be held before 2019 and she predicted the date of July 15, 2018 for said elections.

The İYİ Party leader who came to SIVAS (city) in eastern Anatolia together with the party administration for the opening of the provincial organization of İYİ Party was welcomed at the entrance of the city. AKSENER who paid visits to local small business owners also visited the Congress Museum where the historical Sivas Congress was held etc.

Following the opening speech in front of the provincial organization, AKSENER visited the organization building and held a press conference here. In reply to a question about the elections she said:

I think that the presidential election will not wait until 2019. As a politician who knows President Erdogan well, I think that the general elections and the party presidential election will be brought forward on 15th July 2018. This is not information but a foresight, a reading. We will see if my political foresight will come true. We are assertive about the presidency as well. Apparently, Erdogan has chosen his opponents himself so far which we is called “chosen competitors” in political literature. Now, İYİ Party is to remove the system of “chosen opponents”. Because we are talking about a course here in which other opposition parties are regulated by Erdoğan.”

    Ms AKSENER did politics within the Nationalist Movement Party headed by Mr. Bahçeli until a short while ago. However, Ms. AKSENER was expelled from the party for having opposed the leader with her different views and evaluation of policies run by the leader (who is a strong supporter of the leader of Ak party currently, rather than opposition). Although she spent some considerable efforts to stay in the party and run for the chair position, she realized that all alternative ways were blocked by the party administration and she had to continue her political mission in a new party. Also aware of the immense support and encouragement from wide crowds of people she decided to establish her own party. As it looks now, the new party will have “A WORD TO SAY” in the first elections as they claim to be the right address (at the center) for all kinds of people with different political views. 


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