Published On: Sun, Mar 5th, 2017

Number of Turkish firms operating in Serbia more than triples in 2 years

In the last couple od decades many Turkish entrepreneurs have started companies abroad. For instance Africa is one of those destinations where Turkish businessmen run quite successful operations. Recently it was announced a trade official that the number of Turkish companies operating in Serbia had more than tripled in the last two years as a result of the efforts spent by concerned business groups in both countries.

The official who is the head of the Foreign Economic Relations Board’s (DEİK) Turkey-Serbia Business Council reported that bilateral relations between Serbia and Turkey had reached a considerably good level over the last several years. Mr. Medjedovic said  “The number of Turkish firms operating in Serbia, which was 136 in 2015 more than tripled to 454 by February”. He also drew attention to “how Turkish firms had significantly boosted investments in referred territory”.This obviously was due to the improved relations betweeen two countries which also had a positive impact on bilateral trade volume. Substantial increases in both exports and imports in last ten years only verify this finding.

Mr Medjedovic reminded that there were no Turkish investments in Serbia in 2007 when THY started scheduked flights to this country. He said experts and professionals as well as official authorities from both countries did their best to contribute to improvement of relations between two countries.

It is reported that exports to Serbia increased to $582 million last year (from $278 million in 2006) whereas imports wnet up to $288 million (from $49 million in the same time period), according to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute.


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