Published On: Sat, Jul 15th, 2017

Opposition leader KILICDAROGLU: “I will not run for president in 2019”


CHP leader Kemal KILICDAROGLU said that he would not be a candidate for the 2019 presidential election in his statement to the weekly Der Spiegel magazine. “I want a nominee over parties,” he added. Asked whether Abdullah Gul’s candidacy against Erdogan would be a wise alternative, he said, “Abdullah Gül must decide for himself what to do. But I will definitely not fall into the error of giving names in advance two years before the elections”.

CHP chairman urged Europe not to see Turkey “as Erdogan”. He added “Justice March and constitutional referendum showed that Erdogan speaks for half of the country, only“.

In reply to the question “Was it surprising for you that more than one million people participated in the Justice March Rally?” Kılıçdaroğlu replied: “I knew the majority of the citizens were uncomfortable with the developments in Turkey, the pressure of the government and social injustice. This was manifested in the constitutional referendum in April. Approximately 50 percent voted against Erdogan. But I did not know people were so thirsty for justice. “

In reply to the question “What happened on July 15, 2016, actually” CHP chairperson said following:

“Nobody knows that. The coup attempt was real. There is no doubt that Gülen was responsible for this failed coup attempt. We constantly warned the government of the danger of concerned Gülen community. But they did not want to listen to us. The war between the two costed the lives of 300 innocent people on July 15th…”

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