Published On: Fri, Apr 12th, 2013

Our foreign friends living in Turkey

In this writing we would like to refer to some foreigners living in Turkey as one of us..

We honestly believe we should feel lucky to have these people in this country.. Because we hope they will help serve the purpose to provide us Turks with more “QUALITY, SOPHISTICATION, STYLE” and a lot more having to do with “HUMAN” qualities etc..

The thing is some “BIG GUYS” in power believe developing (as a country) is a matter of “HOW MUCH TURKEY HAS INCREASED ITS GDP mainly and do not refrain from repeating it on each and every occasion … Well, it is not…

When we talk about developing we should also refer to developing human qualities such as respecting each other’s right (which is one of the basic definitions of democracy really) and learning to live with people with other opinions and beliefs – and not trying to conduct a war to impose or even dictate others the beliefs of a certain group (in power mostly).

Turkey, in spite of all the publicity it has been receiving for a long while as to what a brilliant performance it has been displaying economically and in terms of democracy (some say) has not taken many steps in regards to individual quality… This is more so when you look at the issue from women’s point of view.

Therefore we really appreciate the presence of some foreign friends to help us open “NEW WINDOWS” in the way we look at life and how to become a better and “developed, civilized” human being.. We believe we have many friends with such good human qualities to contribute to this community to upgrade for better – as would suit the requirements of the century we live in.


Talking about such foreign friends, Claire BERLINSKI is one of them for instance, sharing her valuable opinions and experience on the net with us all..

She is an American novelist, freelance journalist, travel writer and biographer who lives in Istanbul.She has written and published several books such as;

There is No Alternative: Why Margaret Thatcher Matters
Menace in Europe: Why the Continent’s crisis is America’s, Too,

and two spy novels such as “Loose Lips and Lion Eyes”

She is a Ricochet contributor, a contributing editor of City Journal, a fellow of the Manhattan Institute, a senior fellow of the American Foreign Policy Council and the Gatestone Institute International Policy Council.

We follow Ms. BERLINSKI on TWITTER and believe her posts are truly worth reading…



Another of these special people not from our origin but one of us is Natalie SAYIN who runs a very special and worth following WEB PAGE about Turkey.. The site is called

Frankly speaking there are quite a few sites about Turkey and we believe only a few are real successful… Natalie’s page is certainly among them as she has put a lot of effort into it making it real unique and informative but certainly not boring …

You can read Natalie’s story on the link down below and you would most probably say she deserves to be the owner of such a nice website.

We thank her for the immense contribution she provides for the promotion of Turkey on the globe and wish her success and best of luck in her endavour.

.. more about Natalie SAYIN

We thank ALL our foreign friends living in Turkey (like Claire & Natalie) and contributing so much to us on the way to upgrading our qualities – democracy and civilized human relations to be in the first place…

Editor, BTT


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