Published On: Fri, Jan 5th, 2018

President Erdoğan says views and attitudes of France and Turkey overlap

In a speech he delivered before press President Erdoğan said the views and attitudes of France and Turkey overlapped largely, in many areas. He also stated that the crises faced, made it necessary to have solidarity between both countries adding he was in close contact with President Macron regarding many issues.

Erdoğan went on to say “I very much appreciate this visit and we will have a meeting to cover a wide range of topics on this visit. It will be an opportunity to address bilateral relations between us as well as all regional issues. We will continue our mutual consultations in the future as well. I also believe that it is vital in terms of regional and international peace”.

Turkey’s President also said “We have coalition forces in the region. We all know that France is also playing an active role. We will also have the opportunity to discuss what the developments in these areas to cover Palestine, Jerusalem, Syria, Iraq in the first place.

As France is an influential country in the EU, I hope we will be able to discuss Turkey-EU relations and also the latest developments regarding Cyprus.

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