Published On: Mon, Sep 11th, 2017

Prime Minister says Turkey has two weak points on the way to improving its economy

PM Binali Yıldırım in Eskişehir

In a speech he delivered in Eskisehir (town) the Prime Minister said Turkey needed to increase its exports and there was no other choice. He said a number of 55 thousand exporters were not enough and this figured had to be increased. The PM added that they did everything to remove the obstacles on the way to this target to include customs tax, one by one.  The Prime Minister also said domestic production was of utmost importance, like with the case of TULOMSAS Company which is currently working on production of local trains.

We have two shortfalls… Weak points; the first one is Current Account Deficit and the second one is Budget Deficit. We have two ways to make these challenges sustainable. One is to increase exports and the other to increase the domestic share in production. Another thing is to build facilities where we will produce high added value products with our own capabilities so that we can cut down on our import budget. We will give up doing what everyone else does and we will produce jobs that generate more revenue per kilogram.

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