Published On: Sat, Jun 30th, 2018

Prime Minister: Turkey will continue to borrow for its growing economy

Prime Minister: Turkey will continue to borrow for its growing economy

Binali YILDIRIM, last PM of Turkey


Right after the elections and prior to the appointment of the new cabinet by President Erdoğan, Turkey’s last Prime Minister Binali YILDIRIM addressed exporters at the General Assembly of Exporters Union. Mr. YILDIRIM said Turkey was a country that grew via borrowing and it would continue to do so.

He also said that Turkey’s export potential was very high and added that Turkey did not have absolute superiority but it possessed many comparative advantages.

He went on to say “We do not have oil or natural gas but our comparative superiority is our people and young brains. Turkey’s future is its youth. We have made a lot of investment in infrastructure. The investment we have made in education is also significant. First you need to have schools, roads, broadband internet, teachers and then you will head for quality. Now is the time for quality”.

The PM said “Turkey is a country that borrows to grow and will continue to do so because we have a deficit which we cannot close otherwise”.

However, we will provide more support for projects with more mental work and technology. If we manage to develop our exports in areas with higher added value we can close the gap more easily. That is why we will invest more in such areas and on the other hand, we will continue to encourage projects to overcome regional differences in employment.”

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