Published On: Sun, Jul 7th, 2013

Pros and cons of Istanbul, A “GIANT” World City

Pros and cons of Istanbul, A “GIANT” World City

Galata Tower, Istanbul –

Istanbul is a magnificent city in its full meaning, offering an unparalleled history, culture, a round the clock life as well as extraordinary scenery that not much in the world would compare to.

The city has been the capital to 3 big states in history; East Roman, Byzantium and Ottoman Empires and thus has so much to offer foreigners, expats and visitors in terms of historical sights and ruins one could hardly see in any of the other centers in the world.

The giant city has certainly pros and cons and this is well expressed in an article published on a popular internet site called

The article tells us about 10 of the best and 10 of the worst things about the town where about 15 million people live.

Among pros the article lists following;

The natural beauty, the rich history, the culinary scene, Bountiful arts offerings, Istiklal Street (that never sleeps), unceasing opportunities such as its museums, galleries, concerts and festivals and many other cultural activities, suitable air connections with many budget airlines, The peaceful, beautiful, wine-producing island Bozcaada, just off the Aegean coast south of Çanakkale and much more and the privilege of being the only city to straddle two continents, Europe and Asia.

and as for cons… Well it would be best to discover for yourself when you have the opportunity..


Thanks to Arda Erlik for the beautiful video

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