Published On: Sat, Jul 8th, 2017

Putin and Trump agree to cease-fire in Syria in their first meeting in G20

Based on report by AP, US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin talked face to face for the first time, in the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. President Trump who said “Mr. Putin, it is an honor to be with you” also add that he had waited to the Russian leader with impatience. Russian leader on the other hand said telephone conversations were not enough to solve the problems.

According to a special report based on sources of Associated Press, the USA and Russia have agreed to an armistice in Syria. The ceasefire, which will begin to be implemented in the south west of Syria, will enter into force on Sunday.

US President Trump said he was “honored” to be acquainted with Russian President Putin for the first time, and that he expected good developments between two rivals of Cold War era. He added that that he had discussed a lot of issues with Putin and it looked good.

While Trump expressed honor of being with Putin, he said, “We will continue our negotiations, we look forward to positive developments for Russia, for the United States and for all concerned,” but he did not clarify what topics they dealt with.

Russian President Putin expressed his “pleasure” of meeting Trump, saying that they had dealt with international issues and bilateral issues, and they had “made an important bilateral meeting”.

Putin who expressed that a bilateral meeting with Trump, was a positive sign in itself and he hoped positive results would come out of it also added that he had already conducted telephone interviews with the US president, but that phone calls were never sufficient.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said they had dealt with Ukraine, Syria, fight against terrorism and cyber security issues in their first meeting.

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