Published On: Tue, Sep 17th, 2013

Refarm A.S. ..Biosecurity Products & Services

REFARM OFFICE BUILDINGThe company which was established in 1985 under the name REFARM in reference to its mission TO RE-CONSTRUCT POULTRY FARMS and provide preventive veterinary services, is among the leading companies in the biosecurity sector in Turkey today, thanks to its wide portfolio of products and services in the Veterinary, Environmental & Food Safety fields.

Turkey is among the most populated countries in Europe and also belongs to group of countries in the world with high population. Considering the rapid growth of “population and national income per capita in Turkey”, the need for increased quantities of animal based protein in the coming years can easily be observed. Thus, the issue of improving efficiency in production, turns out to be of major priority. Moreover, high productivity is essential to be competitive in the global markets, as well.

Within this framework REFARM operates in 4 major sectors as below;

  • Animal Health
  • Environment
  • Human Health
  • Food Safety

Supplying, and after sales of veterinary health products / equipment and related consultancy services comprise the majority of our business activities. Refarm runs said activities by representing in Turkey, most reputable global companies mentioned below;

Disinfectants: DUPONT A.H
Active and Inactive Poultry Vaccines: FORT DODGE A.H.
Rodent Control Products, Bait stations, Glue Boards: BELL LABORATORIES
IN-OVO Injection Machines and IN-OVO Vaccines: EMBREX
Egg Washing and Sanitation Systems Machines: MS TECHNOLOGIES
Hatchery Machines and Hatchery Automation: PASREFORM B.V.
Calf Hatchers and Feeding Systems: HOLM & LAUE
Milk Replacer and Performance Products: MSC COMPANY
Air Ventilation Systems: MULTIFAN / ITB


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