Published On: Fri, Dec 16th, 2011

Sarkuysan.. A Manufacturer of cables for global giants

SARKUYSANSarkuysan is among top three in Europe and top 5 in the world in electrolytic copper industry with a portfolio of global giants as customers.The company produces oxygen-free copper for NASA and nickel-coated cable for BOEING.

The company exports products to 56 countries ranging from the USA to Middle East. 40 percent of its annual production capacity of 240,000 tons is for foreign markets.

18 percent of this quantity is exported to Italy. The company has a 15 percent market share in the USA.

On the other hand 60 percent of the total production goes to establishments in Turkey among which there are multinational companies, as well.

Sarkuysan has been carrying out studies to explore export opportunities to African countries. In Turkey the annual production capacity totals upto 600,000 tons whereas only 300,000 tons of this quantity is consumed locally which shows the great potential of the sector for sales abroad.

The company has customers in automotive, white goods, electricity, and aerospace industries and exports oxygen-free cables to US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and nickel coated cables to world giant Boeing.

The company has an annual export volume of  USD 400 million (which was 550 before the global financial crisis). It has enough capacity to increase this number to USD 750 million.

The success of the company is due to its ability to manufacture most sensitive products with self-developed equipment and punctual delivery as well as a large portfolio of various products to meet the neeeds of entire sector.

Production and Marketing via US-based companies

Since 2001 Sarkuysan has had 2 more companies in the USA. One has been established to trade the company products where as the other  has been established for production purpose.

Continuing its operation with 80 percent capacity making making 1000 tons of production per year in its facility in the USA, Sarkuysan aims to increase this volume to 2,500 tons annually.

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