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Seferihisar, a cittaslow 40 km south of Izmir for foreigners wishing to settle down in Turkey

Seferihisar (Akarca neighborhood) Aerial View –


TURKEY has been among the few destinations for quite a while now to attract foreigners from European countries (not to forget Arab countries certainly) in search of a second home and sometimes a place for settlement to spend the rest of their lives.

Talking about a suitable house for a foreigner to buy and settle down in Turkey, destinations such as Fethiye, Bodrum, Datça, Didim and even Dalyan would be a first choice one would normally pronounce. In fact, we know there are thousands of foreign citizens, British and Germans to be in the first place who have already established colonies in such regions with their fellow citizens from their homeland.

From an objective point of view, above mentioned destinations are considered to be “crème de la crème” spots in Turkey and it is no wonder the first choice for expatriates wishing to lead a life in this country. However there are also other spots, although not as popular as those mentioned above, that are seriously worth considering for the same purpose. Among such destinations SEFERIHISAR, only 40 km south of Izmir deserves to be given special attention to.

SEFERIHISAR (Town Center) –


SEFERIHISAR, the first citta-slow town of Turkey with beautiful nature and sea

SEFERIHISAR is a coastal district and the center town of the same district in İzmir Province. The town center is situated slightly inland at an altitude of 28 m and the urban area extends towards the sea as composed of eight quarters, with some distance among some, and one of which, the neighborhood called SIGACIK stands somewhat separately from the rest at a distance of 5 km, and has its own port and has recently been popular as a tourism resort. AKARCA neighborhood on the other hand is a very peaceful holiday resort 5 km to the center with beautiful sea and fresh air. One can buy villas next (or very close) to the sea for very reasonable prices at Akarca

Both the center town (Seferihisar) and the district as a whole preserve an overall outlook of a pleasant resort area bearing typical Aegean characteristics and the population which is normally about 35,000 easily triples during the high season. The economy in the region is still largely based on agriculture, with production of tangerines and satsumas standing out, and increasingly on tourism, with the presence of several housing projects or vacation villages, pensioners settling in the region.



It is good to know this town is the first in Turkey to be rewarded the CITTASLOW (slow city) title by the int’l organization of CITTASLOW (located in Italy) and this has surely attracted thousands mostly retired elite people from big towns such as Istanbul and Ankara as well as others willing to spend a peaceful time of quality for the rest of their lives.

Then again, a great advantage of this area over places like Bodrum further south is that it is only 40 km from Izmir, one of the mega towns in Turkey, meaning it would not take longer than half an hour to reach hospitals airport and other places of importance in case of an emergency etc.

Seferihisar is where the ancient city of Teos is located and at as suitbale distance to places of attraction and interest such as Ephesus in Selçuk (70 kms), Urla (another popular coastal town 25 km away) and Çeşme, a very popular holiday resort by the sea (70 km) etc, for those wishing to visit such spots. On the other hand, Bodrum will not take longer than 3 and a half hour (over 236 km) by car.

One of the biggest advantages SEFERIHISAR can offer is that property prices are much more reasonable as compared to those alike in prominent places such as Bodrum, Marmaris and etc. For instance, in Seferihisar one could buy a 2 flat villa in a 350 m2 (3800 sq ft) garden next to a blue flag beach (which are plenty in number in the area) for a price like US DOLLARS 100,000. (+).

SIGACIK (Neighborhood in fortress) –


There are many foreigners mostly from Germany or England already settled in the region and leading a peaceful and joyful life. Thus it could be wise for foreigners to consider the region as well at the time of making the decision where to buy property in Turkey both for summer or holidays or to settle down in this country.


The author of this article has also settled down in the area (AKARCA) and would be happy to provide much more detailed information in regards. Those interested are welcome to send mail to below adress:









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