Published On: Mon, Jul 3rd, 2017

Why “Turkey should not get involved in conflicts among Arab states”

The question is; “Has TURKEY, as the most important and powerful country in the Middle East been able to maintain its position in the region, based on policies it has implemented in recent years, in specific?” It seems quite unlikely to come up with a positive reply to this question and it is equally difficult even for supporters of the ruling government with a bit of reasoning only, to answer yes. In order to confirm the validity of this view, it would be sufficient to take a look at the conflicts and confrontations that have been happening especially in the Middle East, especially in the last 10 years and how Turkey has chosen to handle same.

For example, Turkey has been making an extreme sacrifice and bearing the burden of millions of Syrian citizens … Both financially and sociologically … The Turkish State even provides them with opportunities it cannot make available for its own citizens. This in return is naturally causing discomfort and increasing reactions from citizens in the country.

On the other hand, Turkey has to make substantial expenditures for  military activities outside its borders and also send its young people to fight in Iraq in Syria … Undoubtedly, relations with Russia, hostile positions bilaterally taken with Syria and the confrontation with several Western countries brings more issues to Turkey waiting to be resolved.

Therefore it is not very wise and beneficial for Turkey to be actively involved in conflicts outside the borders while struggling with own issues in the country that need to be attended to. The best choice in terms of the interests of the country would definitely be to stick to the motto once pronounced by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern Turkey; “Peace at home, peace in the world”

To be equally important on the other hand, Turkey has had very serious unpleasant experiences in terms of relations with the Arab world. On several occasions the Arab countries did not hesitate to stab Turkey and the Ottoman Empire in the back, whenever they were offered opportunities by third parties.

Therefore, it would not be in the interest of Turkey to risk security and all kinds of other benefits of the country simply based on the slogan “Our Arab / Muslim brothers”. No doubt Qatar is no exception to this thinking despite very “close” financial relations with this state.

As a matter of fact, Turkey was the first country to extend its support for Qatar at the expense of taking risk of worsening relations with the USA (and Saudi Arabia +Gulf Countries certainly under influence of the USA).  However, the same Qatar has shown thereafter that it could make new treaties or enter partnerships (Like the giant warplanes purchase deal made with the US) to leave Turkey on its own, all of a sudden. Turkey has to rebuild its reputation again with its stance and stability and gain its self-confidence. Turkey’s partners should be big states to suit its own size and weight on the international arena.  Otherwise, a time may come again for Turkey to see all such political investments made thus far, turn out to be a waste of time and effort, only.


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