Published On: Mon, Jan 8th, 2018

Some experts say Turkey can see one-digit inflation in October 2018

Some experts believe a step to be taken by the Central Bank in January meeting  to increase GLP (late liquidity window facility)by 25 or 50 basis point would have a positive impact on the markets although such move was not expected. The reason is inflation is already in the process of decline, interest rates are still high and tight monetary policy is in question. However they do not expect the Central Bank to take such a step.

Judging on the inflation figures from December 2017, some experts believe Turkey has the prospects of seeing single-digit inflation figures in October-November 2018. They say “Demand is created thanks to incentives provided via credits to boost economy but this bounces back as higher inflation. This makes a single-digit performance not likely in the coming months. To be worse we could see higher inflation figures in the world markets towards year end which would make it even more difficult for Turkey. We need to see reforms made”

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