Published On: Wed, Mar 2nd, 2011

Structural Reforms In Turkey

Public Sector

– Public Procurement Law
– Rationalizations in financial management, employment, budget and investment in the public sector

– Code of Ethical Conduct for Civil Servants
– Law on Freedom of Information for Citizens

Financial Sector

– Regulation and Supervision in line with EU standards
– Strenghthening Private Banks (Capital Adequacy Ratio Improvement)
– State Bank Reform
– Resolution of Non-Viable Banks

Social Security System

– Social Security Administrative Reform Law (Mayıs 2006)
– Pension and Universal Health Insurance Reform Law (Haziran 2006)

Tax System

– Corporate Tax Law (effective from January 2006)
– Income Tax Law (amendments on rates – April 2006)
– Establishment of Large-Taxpayers Unit
– Establishment of Tax Policy Unit (February 2006)

Enhanced Role for Private Sector

– Deregulation in Key Markets (Energy, Banking, Telecommunications)
– Accelerated Privatization

– Improvements in the Investment Environment

Institutional Reform

– Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT)
– Regional Development Agencies

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