Published On: Mon, Aug 14th, 2017

Tavsan.. largest poultry equipment producer & exporter in Turkey

TAVSAN POULTRY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING CO. , being the oldest and the biggest poultry equipment manufacturer in Turkey, manufactures feeding, drinking, lighting, heating, ventilation, feed storage and transport, layer cages and climate control systems since the establishment date, 1975.

Besides manufacturing a complete range of poultry equipment, Tavsan also performs sales, marketing and after sales services to it’s customers. Since 2004, Tavsan also started to offer turn key poultry projects both in local and international market.

TAVSAN Company, selling it’s products all around in Turkey through it’s 10 local dealers, sell most of it’s production to foreign countries.

Today, TAVSAN products are preferred outside of Turkey with it’s well known quality and variety and are being exported over 50 countries worldwide. Besides export, Tavsan is also the sole distributor of 11 major companies for the Turkish market.

Tavsan, actively participating to all international poultry exhibitions and organizations, has become to be a worldwide well known brand in poultry sector. Increasing it’s brand familiarness with all the participated activities, Tavsan’s target is “to be a well-known company with it’s quality in the world”

Tavsan is also implementing a non-stop Research & Development studies and share the results with the Turkish Poultry sector. For this purpose, Tavsan has built up the most modern poultry farm of Turkey, in Silivri, Istanbul. This high-tech poultry houses with out of standart lengths, lowered the investment and management costs a lot, to a reasonable amount.

With it’s young and dynamic team, Tavsan is extending it’s products and services together with it’s high-tech machine park, which enables manufacturing in European Standards.

“Quality Product, Quality Service” is the vision of the company. Tavsan always aims a high level of Customer Satisfaction.


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