Published On: Mon, Oct 3rd, 2016

Tension escalated in Syria again .. Between USA & Russia this time

As Turkish troops continue to move forward and seize additional territory in Syria in support of FSA (Free Syrian Army), relations between two superpowers namely USA and Russia have started to suffer a growing strain. It is quite clear after all the region has lived through that Russia is not to allow USA to eliminate President ASSAD that easily. Russia maintains- as expressed by Foreign Minister LAVROV – it believes USA is trying to protect/support AL-NUSRA, extremist Islamist organization to get rid of ASSAD.

In other words, Russia – as also expressed by Foreign Affairs spokesman ZAHAROV – sticks to the point of view that “in case the United States starts a military operation against Damascus administration (ASSAD) this will have the effect of a major earthquake to be triggered in the region and eventually lead to a situation where the whole territory will be divided among various/multiple groups trying to strangle each other.

It seems that this difference in evaluation of the situation gradually heating up and to be even more interesting it is not clear at this point which position Turkey really sticks to and which strategy it has decided to follow – despite fierce heroic/patriotic statements submitted by officials.

The reality at the end of the day however is that the two superpowers will manage to agree someway and somehow in the end and it will be the poor peoples and the countries in the region once again, that will have to suffer the consequences as designated by imperial powers – not to exclude Russia certainly.


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