Published On: Sat, Jan 20th, 2018

The big question in the Middle East: “What is the United States up to in Syria?

The big question in the Middle East: “What is the United States up to in Syria?

U.S Soldiers in Syria –

The bloody conflict plotted, ignited and triggered by imperialist powers in the Middle East (and Africa) under the title “Arab Spring” does not seem to be coming to an end eventually, despite millions of lives taken and horrible bloodshed in the region.

ISIS, a group consisting of some of the most ruthless killers in history was no doubt put together by these super powers (to resemble the picture in Afghanistan some time ago when Al Qaeda came out of nowhere to fight Russians there) and thanks to the “very wrong” policies adopted by countries in the region as well, Syria was in fire all at once to cost lives of nearly a million “human beings”, not to forget millions and millions of refugees who had to leave their homes and seek for shelter in other countries such as Turkey which has been hosting almost 4 million such people.

The interesting part is not many people have an idea about what millions had to die for? Well, on the surface it is supposed to be Assad regime and “he is dictator and he treats Sunni Muslims and Kurds in his country as inferior citizens, there is no democracy in Syria etc. etc.” as if there were an “abundance of democracy” in countries such as Saudi Arabia (and alike) where women are not considered as equal citizens (and even human beings).

Therefore it is a “BIG” baloney that the whole plan is about to bring equality, freedom and of course democracy to the region. In everyday language, it is a big bullshit used as an excuse to implement some evil plans in the region.

What are these plans? If we listen to the “fairy tales” told by the U.S. administration, it is all about “ensuring that ISIS does not revive in the region once more and that Iran is trying to establish a corridor in the north of the region to reach the Mediterranean and this will be a threat to the States and Israel and needs to be stopped right from the beginning. Beside the United States owes the Kurdish militants here who fought to destroy ISIS, a favor and they should be given protection by the States” etc… So, this is supposed to be the reason why the States will permanently stay in Syria which is thousands of miles away from America.

As to concerns of neighboring countries in the region such as Turkey regarding threats to be imposed in case of a new political development such as establishment of a Kurdish Administration which Turkey claims would be very closely linked to PKK, pro-Kurdish terrorist organization responsible for hundreds of terror acts in Turkey and tens of thousands of lives in decades – next to its border with Syria, to serve US needs and benefits, the picture is not promising at all.  The United States seems to be aware of and care about the critical situation for Turkey and says it will work together with Turkey to resolve concerns about the PKK terror issue.

The question is; “Are we are talking about a paradox here?” On one hand the U.S. is walking arm in arm with YPG (Kurdish Group in the region and claimed by Turkey to be very closely related to PKK) and on the other hand the U.S is committing to supporting Turkey in its fight against the PKK. It does not make much sense does it? However, as we well know from previous (unlimited) experience it is not logic that counts, but it is how the U.S. administration (or shall we say the deep state) deems it necessary in the end.

Then again, if we leave all above aside, we should all be aware that the real reason behind all the effort spent by the USA to stay in the region is the benefits of Israel (to include the thousands of years old mission to establish the GREAT JEWISH STATE in the Middle East) and have inarguable control over rich oil resources in the area.

Last but not least important, the U.S would be ready to do anything it takes (including invasion and killing) to divide the countries in the region establishing much smaller and weak administrations that would not challenge the direct benefits of the U.S (and Israel certainly). Just to remind this has been referred to as the Greater Middle East Project all along and personally voiced by Condoleezza Rice former foreign secretary at the time, with the statement “borders in the Middle East will change”.

However if you want to be fair to the USA and appreciate its previous success stories such as bringing “liberty, freedom and democracy to Iraq (still prevailing??”) at the cost of 4 millions of human lives, that is another story.

So, having provided all above information and observations, does it not seem very clear why the USA is very much focused on a Kurdish Army established and located along the Turkish Border with Syria?

As for the question if these plans (not plots certainly) will work, we strongly believe the USA will learn its lesson once again,  hoping it will not cost as many lives this time.

And one final word; This evaluation is certainly based on the presumption (and the current situation actually) that Russia will always have a final word to say in the region which we are sure the U.S deep state is deeply worried about. Thus, many could surely think “Thanks God, Russia is here as well, and not only the U.S.” – WHAT A STRANGE WORLD…

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