Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2016

The Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar … Oldest shopping area in Izmir

The Historical Kemeraltı Bazaar ... Oldest shopping area in Izmir

Kemeraltı, Shopping Area – Izmir

is surely the most modern mega town in Turkey with many alternatives it offers guests visiting this beautiful town. Among such alternatives are holiday resorts in closeby surroundings, shopping centers, historical places, parks and recreation areas etc… Many say one of the most important centers of Izmir is Kemeraltı, one of the oldest bazaars in Turkey known to exist since the ancient times. There are a lot of historical artifacts throughout the bazaar such as fountains, inns, Turkish baths, mosques and prayer rooms.

You feel as if you are time travelling while entering the bazaar from the Anafartalar Street, but before we strongly recommend you to get a picture taken in front of the antique Clock Tower.

Before taking a turn towards the National Library street, you can stop by to taste İzmir’s authentic hard candy. If it is the winter, you can have a cup of “salep” at the cafes along the way to warm up.

If you’re hungry, there are plenty of restaurants to choose from, most of which have been in service for at least two generations. If you are a vegetarian there is also something for you to enjoy.

We recommend you to try the small diners inside the inns if you would like to try out the local food. You will also have the opportunity to chat with the craftsmen while eating at these cozy little places.

Kemeraltı is also famous for its jewellery stores which offer exclusive designs as well as the herb stores at which you can find various spices; so every street you walk down, will mesmerize you.

In Kemeraltı, you can also see artifacts from the Ottoman era such as mosques and historical fountains and take a picture of these historical assets.

When it is time for a break, you can stop by the Kızlarağası Inn or Abacıoğlu Inn to have a cup of tea or Turkish coffee. Once you have walked down the long streets and arrived at Mezarlıkbaşı, we recommend you to see the Havra Sokağı district. The Havra steets where the freshest of fruits and vegetables in İzmir are sold takes its name from the synagogues (havra in Turkish). Some of these synagogues are open for prayer on special occasions.

You can also buy souvenirs to take home with you to make your loved ones happy. Here are some recommendations for you…

There are hundreds of options of souvenirs to buy from dried figs, Turkish delights and hard candy to hand made glass amulets in the stores at Konak. Inside the bazaar you will find shoe stores, jewelers, and toy stores.


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