Published On: Fri, Jul 14th, 2017

The Istanbul stock market breaks its closing record above 105,000

BIST 100 INDEX on Istanbul Stock Exchange completed a closing day with a record of 105.175,73 points corresponding to an increase of 0.93 percent. While BIST 100 index increased by 965.51 points compared to the previous close, the total transaction volume was realized as 4.1 billion TL. Banking index increased by 1 percent while holding index went up by 1.15 percent. Among the indexes of the sector, the most profitable was “trade” wit 1.18 percent, while the most declining was food trade with 1.22 percent.

BIST 100 index, which started the day with a rising trend, reached the highest level of all times with 105,999.70 points during the day due to risk appetite in global markets and appreciation of the Turkish lira. The index finished 105.175,73 pounds, the closing record with an increase of 0.93 percent.

The dollar depreciated against other currencies as the data released in the US in the afternoon came below the market expectation. Dollars / TL, saw the lowest level of last two weeks with 3.5343.

Experts comment that it would be appropriate to follow “demand forecast for the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) in July, labor force statistics for April and consumer confidence index for July” as well as China’s second quarter growth data and USA unemployment applications, in the coming week. On the other hand, it would also be very useful to follow the ratings of the credit rating agency Fitch for Turkey, on Friday.

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