The capacity of Istanbul New Airport expected to exceed Frankfurt Airport by 30 percent

The capacity of Istanbul New Airport expected to exceed Frankfurt Airport by 30 percent

The construction work on the Istanbul New Airport, the biggest airport project in the world to be built from scratch, is going on at full speed.  In 2023 it will be the largest airport in the world. Moreover, on the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, it is also expected to surpass Atlanta, Beijing and Dubai which are the biggest airports, currently.

It is a fact that Turkey has been drawing the attention of the whole world with some giant projects such as motorways, tunnels, airports, bridges it has accomplished over the recent period. In fact the İstanbul New Airport will be the place where the heart of the world’s air traffic will be beating. The Istanbul New Airport is considered to be situated at a geographically sound location and an ideal stop for passengers on connecting flights from Europe to Asia.

Until today, people living in Stuttgart, Köln or Hamburg have had to travel on connecting flights to reach destinations and flying via Turkey is expected to save time and reduce costs, as well.

Officials say that when the first stage of the Istanbul New Airport is finished, its passenger capacity will be 90 million. An airport larger than London’s Heathrow is in question and as the largest airport in Europe, its capacity will exceed Frankfurt Airport’s capacity by 30 percent. The new airport is expected to accommodate 200 million or more passengers when completed.

On the other this is not the only accomplishment Turkey should be proud of. The reason is the Turkish Airlines has grown beyond expectations and is now a very serious competitor to all major airline companies in the world, Lufthansa to be included.

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